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    ---- RULES ----


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    ---- RULES ---- Empty ---- RULES ----

    Post  Luddman on Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:25 am


    From this point there will be some strict rules in the guild, if you break one of these you will first be warned and if it happens again you'll be kicked out of the guild, without any chance of coming back.


    Three days of inactivity without telling reason - Warning

    Leaving a scheduel guild raid before 23.00 without telling reason - Warning

    Unnecessary flaming against guild members as well as other guilds or players - Warning

    Not telling why you can't come to scheduel guild raids - Warning

    Playing annoying music/sound in vent - Warning

    Not connected to ventrilo during scheduel guild raids - Warning

    Ninja looting - Kick

    Racism of any kind - Kick

    - Luddman

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