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    Protection warrior Cexycute


    Protection warrior Cexycute Empty Protection warrior Cexycute

    Post  Cexycute on Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:16 am

    Character Name: Cexycute
    Real Life Age: 17
    Class: Warrior
    Character Spec: Protection
    Profession/Skill Level: Enchanting 300/300 Engineering 300/300

    What's your gear like? Full T1, T2 head

    Wich days can you play a week? All

    What is your raiding experience on retail? BWL full clear, AQ40 first boss

    Do you have a good grasp of your class? I didn't play warrior on Pre-tbc, but I did play it for some months on TBC, soI guess it should be fine.

    Do you feel you can bring anything unique to the guild? I'll try to do my best to help the guild move on. I can help doing this by giving tips and by tanking ofc Smile

    Will you be able to maintain a MINIMUM of 60% raid attendance ? Yes, I'm sure of that!

    Will you come prepared to raids with appropiate consumables (food, flask etc)? Yes, ofcourse!

    Do you ever have latency issues, or do you suffer from disconnects regularly? No

    Do you ever suffer from unstable framerates that cause you to freeze or run in place? Once a year maby

    Are you applying for any other guilds? I'm in a guild now, but i'm not applying for any atm

    Who do you know in Windwalkers? Nobody, maby some guys from in Silence know Puncta, well that was me Smile

    Do you have Ventrillo and a Mic? Yes, both

    Do you play on the weekends? Yes

    Why do you want to join the guild? I want to make progress and I want to have fun, cuz raiding is fun!

    If there's anything else you would like to add in your application? Maby some guys know Puncta? Well that was me in the old times, I rerolled warrior now. So if you know Puncta, you should know I raided alot with in Silence!

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    Protection warrior Cexycute Empty Re: Protection warrior Cexycute

    Post  Nyem on Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:59 am

    Fairly good application mate, it all sounds correct to me.


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