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    DKP System


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    DKP System Empty DKP System

    Post  Nyem on Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:21 pm

    We are using the dkp addon named QuickDKP. During raids you will recieve an amount of DKP after certain events:

    First guild Boss kill: +20 dkp
    Boss kill: +10 dkp
    Ironman (When you've stayed in the raid from the beginning to the end): +30 dkp
    Gold to the guildbank: +1 dkp per 100g
    Being in time for guild raids: +5 dkp

    Negative DKP:

    Being late for guild raids: -5 dkp

    How it works: With the DKP you'll recieve you're able to bid on the items you need. When I announce the item in the raid chat you can whisper me with your bid. You can only bid maximum of what you have as total DKP at that moment (For an example you cant have minus dkp as total). The highest bidder will recieve the item.

    You can check how much DKP you've earned at the "officers note" in the guild panel in-game.

    Any more questions about it, whisper me in-game

    Best regards!

    - Nyem

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