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    dignity - rogue appliction


    dignity - rogue appliction Empty dignity - rogue appliction

    Post  dignity! on Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:22 pm

    About Your Character
    · Name: Dignity
    · Class: Rogue
    · Race: UD
    · Level: 60
    · Spec you are applying for? 17/0/34 or combat sword =p

    Your Professions
    · Primary Professions: alchemy 300/300
    · Secondary Professions: herbalism 300/300

    About Yourself
    · Name: thomas
    · Age:17
    · Location / Nationality: Gävle, Sweden
    · Job/Hobbies/Interests: My school starts tomorrow but on my free time I play World of Warcraft/Counter-Strike or be with my friends, play football. :-)

    Raid Experience
    · Pre-TBC: Did everything except some bosses in Naxxramas. (:
    · TBC: Cleared everything except SWP

    Guild History
    · List any previous guilds and your reasons for leaving them: I haven't been in any "serious" guild atm becuase I've been playing CS so much and haven't got so much time left for WoW. But now I'm chilling down on CS and planning on getting into a serious guild that's gonna work on BWL,AQ40 etc..

    · How many days a week are you able to raid?: Almost everyday except maybe some day since my school starts soon. =)
    · How many hours/day are you usually online (approximately)?: I haven't been active much but I'll be online when I can. I'll guess on ~4-5 maybe 6 hours/day.

    About Yourself
    · Are you able to come to raids fully prepared (Flasks/Pots/Foods) for a night of potential wiping?: (Yes/No) Yes
    · Why do you want to join WindWalkers: I want to help you guys through BWL/AQ40 and you guys seem like a serious guild.. Smile
    · Do you know anyone in WindWalkers: No
    · Is there anything else about yourself you feel you wish to tell us about?: I really think/hope this guild will grow fast if you get members and really focus in raids, I wish all luck to you guys! :-D

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    dignity - rogue appliction Empty Re: dignity - rogue appliction

    Post  Nyem on Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:26 pm

    Good application!

    - Accepted

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