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    About Your Character
    · Name: Pabu
    · Class: Priest
    · Race: Nightelf
    · Level: 60
    · Spec you are applying for? Diszi/Holy (23/28/00)

    Your Professions
    · Primary Professions: Alchemie
    · Secondary Professions: Enchart.

    About Yourself
    · Name: Kevin Neumann
    · Age: 18
    · Location / Nationality: Germany
    · Job/Hobbies/Interests: Next year i will start my job as a painter.

    Raid Experience
    · Pre-TBC: ZG/AQ20/MC/BWL clear, AQ40 -> Skeram, Satura, Fankriss; Naxx -> just Anub
    · TBC:

    Guild History
    · List any previous guilds and your reasons for leaving them: /

    · How many days a week are you able to raid?: 7
    · How many hours/day are you usually online (approximately)?: 5-6

    About Yourself
    · Are you able to come to raids fully prepared (Flasks/Pots/Foods) for a night of potential wiping?: (Yes/No) Sure, yes.
    · Why do you want to join WindWalkers: I've talked to Fandrel, and i asked him to help me starting on this server.
    · Do you know anyone in WindWalkers: Fandrel, we only talked 2-3 min. ;-)
    · Is there anything else about yourself you feel you wish to tell us about?: I played a Priest and a Warrior in Classic-times ... don't know what else...ask me Smile

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