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    Post  Missarro on Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:31 pm

    About Your Character
    · Name: Missarrow
    · Class: Hunter
    · Race: Night elf famale (full sexy Very Happy)
    · Level: 60
    · Spec you are applying for? because i want enter in a big guild for make same progress and play fair all toghet... and the first reason is for stay happy with same good ppl

    Your Professions
    · Primary Professions: Heralism 300
    · Secondary Professions: Mining 300

    About Yourself
    · Name: Marco
    · Age: 19
    · Location / Nationality: Rome / Italy
    · Job/Hobbies/Interests: Study economy / hobby wow and sex / interests music read and sex again Very Happy

    Raid Experience
    · Pre-TBC: full exp for tbc all boss clear Illidan's to

    · TBC: all boss complete full exp included neffy and kel'tuzad in naxx

    Guild History
    · List any previous guilds and your reasons for leaving them: i stay on the guild of Angrybeef i don't remember the name... after i stop play for few month because i'm out of my home for do a master with the university. But i collect a great gear for start in raid 4 t2 full t1 and all weapon epix

    · How many days a week are you able to raid?: 2/3/4/5 depend if i need to study for do exam but when i'm log i'm always up for all.

    · How many hours/day are you usually online (approximately)?:

    About Yourself
    · Are you able to come to raids fully prepared (Flasks/Pots/Foods) for a night of potential wiping?: (Yes/No) Yes surely is normal wipe on boss.

    · Why do you want to join WindWalkers: for meet same new ppl and doing beatifull raid.

    · Do you know anyone in WindWalkers: no.

    · Is there anything else about yourself you feel you wish to tell us about?: full exp in wow because i play since wow was crated i have an hunter on retail server and i level up him from 1 to 80 i stop to play when is exit ulduar and sell account for 400€ because i can't play i need to study i have clear all instance inside wow i'm in a top guild server for 4 years and after they disband for internal problem. In this guil i collect t1/t2/t3/t4/t5/t6/t7 + t7.5 i know all about instance inside wow all boss and all secret of hunter and in pvp to i play to made rank 14 but i stop the run on rank 12 after is exit the tbc and free HWL gear.

    This is my story on WoW i can only say i'm happy if you accept my apply and i'm waiting you response

    Bye Bye see you in game!

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    Post  Nyem on Tue Aug 25, 2009 12:07 am

    Hmm I dont think you're right for the guild.

    so -1 from me.

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