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    Post  Care on Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:30 pm

    About Your Character
    · Name: Care
    · Class: shaman
    · Race: orc
    · Level:60
    · Spec you are applying for? Ele/resto
    What gear do you got atm? (ex, + Healin, + Damage, atk power, crit rating, block rating etc etc)Healer: 512 healing 14,40crit 210 mp5 ELEDPS:445 SP 13,26 crit chance

    Your Professions
    · Primary Professions: ENCHANTING and ENGINEERING on my other char
    · Secondary Professions:N/A

    About Yourself
    · Name:magnus
    · Age:15
    · Location / Nationality:DenmarK
    · Job/Hobbies/Interests:i like to play wow work with LUA and just hang out with my friends

    Raid Experience
    · Pre-TBC: ZG: All bosses exept hexxer MC: Luci mag gehenas AQ20: all bosses
    · TBC: BT gruuls lair mags lair TK KARA all bosses

    Guild History
    · List any previous guilds and your reasons for leaving them:i have not been in any good guilds with this char but with my hunter i have been in Plan B/Soil,in silence, TTL, Past redemption, Redemption

    · How many days a week are you able to raid?(We raid 19:00-24:00 GMT+2(Raid times vary)):im able to raid 2-7 days
    · How many hours/day are you usually online (approximately)?:4-10 hours sometimes 12-18 in weekends when im at lan party

    About Yourself
    · Are you able to come to raids fully prepared (Flasks/Pots/Foods) for a night of potential wiping?: (Yes/No) yes
    · Why do you want to join WindWalkers:hmm i miss the raiding this guild seems like a nice and good guild
    · Do you know anyone in WindWalkers:hmm not sure who is in the guild
    · Is there anything else about yourself you feel you wish to tell us about?:well not rly

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    Post  Nyem on Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:54 pm

    Good application!

    - Accepted!

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