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    Class Status Empty Class Status

    Post  Luddman on Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:20 pm

    You can check the status of each class here. This information will be changed from time to time, so if your class is open I strongly recommend you make an application since it may be full next time you decide to apply to us.

    Green = Open spots
    Yellow = 1-2 spots left
    Red = Closed spots

    Druid: Closed
    Hunter: Open
    Mage: Open
    Rogue: Closed
    Shaman: Open
    Warrior: Closed
    Paladin: Closed
    Warlock: Open
    Priest: Open

    If your class is closed, don't be afraid to apply we may invite you anyway and also you'll be placed in a que.

    Sincerly Luddman

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